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Among US Rainbow Pop-it Fidget Sensory Toy, Among US Popper Fidget Toys, Push & Pop Bubble Special Needs Stress Reliever Silicone - Popular Relaxing Game
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A toy that can play games, be a coaster, be a Frisbee, be a decompression toy... and so on! A game that can exercise children's mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, mental arithmetic, logical thinking and other abilities! A game that can be played at home, in a car, and on a trip. It is super portable and can be fun anytime, anywhere! A toy that has no age limit.



Among US Rainbow Pop-it Fidget Sensory Toy, Among US Popper Fidget Toys, Push & Pop Bubble Features:

  • Stress & Anxiety Reducing Toy: Have you noticed that your child, or yourself, suddenly feeling anxious, bored, irritable and a bit OCD? This pop bubble fidget is a great sensory tool to relieve yourself, providing great sensory interaction. 
  • Improve Brain Power and Fast to Play: Just press the bubble down and the fidget toy will make a slight popping sound, then the player that is left to press the last bubble on the board loses the round.
  • Multi-Function & Usage: Except for making popping sounds to restore your mind, you can play retrieving games with dogs. The poping toy can not only bring happiness to children but also fun to adults party. With the pop bubble toy, you can pass time with your friends and family or use it as a coaster.
  • Social Strategy Table & Board Games: Players take turns to pop any number of the bubble they want in a single row. Who presses down the last bubble loses!
  • Stress Reliever: Feel stressful? Fidget? Press the mouse-like bubble down you can create a pleasant sound yourself. Flip it over and pop again enables you to enjoy it endlessly. With its slight popping sound, such a sensory toy mood reliever can meet your special sensory needs, especially for autism, ADHA, sensory seekers, and bubble-wrap lovers.
  • Safe & Durable & Washable: This Fidget Toy is made of high-quality silicone, which it is kids friendly, Non-toxic and durable. The most importantly it has great fun to POP! 
  • Easy to Carry: The toy is easy to carry, 5 inches in diameter, and can be played everywhere, making it great for playing in a car, bus, or plane, in a offices, parks, restaurant or at school. And any place you want to carry. It is perfect carry-on games.
  • Parent-child games: The best home game essentials, for parents, children, autism anyone who feels anxieties, fidget is helpful.
  • Best Gift: Best gifts for adults and children to reduce stress, also a best game toy in parties for family, friends. It is not only could relieve stress but also train your kids' basic math and thinking skills.


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