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Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Project Kit in 5 Sizes
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Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Project Kit in Five Sizes



  • Contains 675 screws in total
  • Contains 5 of the most-used popular screws
  • Square-drive prevents bit slipping while driving
  • Flat-bottom head seats firmly in pocket hole
  • Smooth shank draws the joint together
  • Self-tapping tip drills its own hole without splitting
  • Comes in a durable easy-to-carry case
  • Great starter kit for those new to Kreg joinery systems


Product Description


The Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Project Kit contains five of the most popular screws, with 675 in total. It is a great starter kit for anyone new to Kreg Joinery. The Kreg Self-tapping Pocket-hole Screw Kit contains five screw types, two fine and three coarse.

Square-Drive Prevents Bit Slipping While Driving

When you're building a project, there are few things more aggravating than having your driver bit slip, spin, and strip out the screw head. All too often, that leaves you with a screw you can't drive the rest of the way in or back out, so you're stuck. Kreg Screws have a square-drive head that works with a #2 square drive bit to drive screws without the driver slipping. That means you can drive every screw completely, quickly, and with confidence.

Flat-Bottom Head Seats Firmly in Pocket Hole

Ordinary woodworking screws and drywall screws have a head with a conical shape on the underside. The head on a Kreg Screw is perfectly flat on the bottom. That flat shape mates perfectly with the flat pocket in a Kreg pocket hole. So, when you drive these Kreg pocket hole screws into the pocket hole, the force is applied straight toward the screw tip, presses evenly on the pocket, and holds the joint tightly together, without deforming the pocket, which could split the wood.

Smooth Shank Draws the Joint Together

The threads on a Kreg Screw stop partway up the screw shank, which leaves a smooth area below the screw head. It's there for good reason. When you drive the screw in, the threaded portion grabs into the workpiece you're attaching to, pulling the screw in. The other piece glides freely over the unthreaded part of the screw, allowing that piece to pull tightly against the mating piece - without interference from unnecessary threads.

Self-Tapping Tip Drills Its Own Hole Without Splitting

When you assemble a joint with Kreg Screws, the pocket hole is all you have to drill. There's no need for a pilot hole in the mating piece. That's because Kreg Screws have a self-tapping tip that 'drills' its own hole, so the screw drives in quickly and easily without splitting the wood, like ordinary screws often do. This makes assembly much easier, too, since you don't have to worry about whether your pilot hole will line up correctly.


What's in the Box


  • Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Project Kit in Five Sizes
  • 150 x SPS-F1 (1-Inch) screws
  • 150 x SPS-C1 (1-Inch) screws
  • 150 x SML-F125 (1 1/4-Inch) screws
  • 150 x SML-C125 (1 1/4-Inch) screws
  • 75 x SML-C250B (2 1/2-Inch) screws




Kreg Pocket-Hole Screw Project Kit in Five Sizes



  • Package quantity: 675
  • Includes
    • 150-count of:
      • SPS-F1 (1in.)
      • SPS-C1 (1in.)
      • SML-F125 (1 1/4in.)
      • SML-C125 (1 1/4in.)
    • 75-count of:
      • SML-C250B (2 1/2in.)
  • Product weight (lb.): 4.62lb
  • Primary use: Wood


  • Fastener callout size: #6-#8
  • Screw diameters
    • #8 - All SML coarse-threaded screws (with the exception of stainless).
    • #7 - All SML fine-threaded screws and all SPS coarse-threaded screws.
    • #6 - All SPS fine-threaded screws.
  • Fastener plating: Zinc
  • Fastener thread type: Coarse
  • Fastener type: Kit
  • Fastener/Connector material: Steel


  • Drive style: Internal Square
  • Head style: Round
  • Finish: Zinc
  • Finish Family: Silver

Other Features

  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Measurement standard: SAE
  • Self tapping: Yes





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